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Distance Learning In Pakistan Universities    

Distance learning in Pakistan universities



Medical,nursing,labtechnician,medical technician, ot technician, dispenser,  civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics,computer, vocational, oil and gas, safety officer,banking,fashion andmedia,marketing,management,


Noteinternational institute of technical training center also registered bygovernment of Pakistan SECP security exchange commission of Pakistan if anyoneneeds to verification about our institute just go to Google and write there inGoogle SECP than click after show company name search window just write thereinternational institute of technical training center


There is a majordifference between a short course/diploma and a degree. Basically short coursesor diplomas cover a specific study field and the institutes normally coverthese courses and diplomas in shorter period of time as compared to the properdegrees.

There are largenumbers of educational institutes in Pakistan which are offering short coursesand diplomas for the students.

The selection of theshort course and a diploma completely relies on the choice of student.

Normally the studentsprefer to get admissions in those short courses or diplomas which provebeneficial for them in their professional life.   

Some famous shortcourses offering by the educational institutes if Pakistan includes: computernetworking, disaster management, information technology, hotel management, HRM,international relations, accounting and finance, telecommunications, webmanagement and web designing, broadcasting, accounts management, webdevelopment and many others.

The admission criteriaset by the educational institutes for all the courses is almost different fromone another.

Students who wish toget admission in any short course offered by well-known educational instituteare required to go through this guide. As here we have provided all the datarelevant to the short courses and programs in Pakistan along with universities


For diploma on experienced based 1 year 2year & distance learning regular based courses more information pleasevisit www.diploma4job.com

Interinternational institute is the largest leading chain of skill based‘hands-on-training ‘providers for a vast range of short IT, Technical.Electrical, mechanical, civil, electronics, & Vocational training,linguistics, Business and Management courses on line regular assignment basedsystem, coupled with HR, IT and Management consultancy solution providers tothe corporate clients in Pakistan and all over the globe.. Its educationalheritage can be traced back since 2001 National institute has always led themarket by introducing latest market driven IT, linguistics and ManagementCourses. It is considered to be the pioneer for introducing InternationalQualifications and electrical, mechanical civil, electronics, educational,theses diplomas will attested foreign office and all embassies our diplomaswill provide help get a job any where more information contact us, NOTE,national institute special offer for our sweet clients,100 percent fee refundpolicy if student will not satisfied our teaching services, and if our studentwill not pass final course examine than national institute will offer free ofcost prepare course again ,national institute offer after course finish 2diplomas,1 diploma will awarded from national institute 2nd diploma will awardedfrom government of Pakistan. international institute also offer experiencedbased 1,2 year diplomas in any field diplomas will accepted all over thy globe

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Professional & Short Term Courses

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    Distance learning in Pakistan universities

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